Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the spot, sorta wedding invite.....

Clicking away at rocks and ruins in Hampi, not expecting to be pointing and shooting at anyone's nuptuals. But this is India.... so expect the unexpected.........

Simon and I are innocently ambling round and are beckoned by some passing guy to follow him. What else to do? So we do exactly that and before we know it we are being pushed into a hall which is packed and rice is flying hard. Very hard in all directions. Usually being tall has it's advantages for vision purposes but today just seems to add to the target area! We are pelted with rice, thrown at close range and with force!! Its such a melee its impossible to photo. Its friendly, it's fun but it stings..... I was trailing rice all my way home to bed and then some......

This was trying to leave the proceedings, against the flow...not quite the wedding etiquette we are used to!!

   Simon and I beat a retreat. Glynns and I thinking photos, beautiful ladies in wonderful colors, exotic Indian wedding, re-group and re-enter through another door....the ladies door not the rice chucking guy side door...and we are not disappointed.

This time we are ushered up to the front of the hall, to the very very front, through rows and rows of friends and relatives...how many people does this couple and their family know? We end up next to the stage and the real photographers (who engage G in a long technical discussion.....) and we can now see but not understand the complex rituals that presumably end with this couple embarking on a life of married bliss.  No-one seems to mind us pushing (or being pushed) to the front).

But under the never ending stream of rice, the pushing and shoving well wishers, the heat and lights they are not looking too happy just yet!!
On our final exit we have the never ending stream of folks wanting their pics taken...screaming babies are held out for their big moment. Mama looks at the LCD, smiles and is happy. What they think if anything will happen to the pic I have no idea but to see sobbing little one on digital seems to be all that is required.

We are invited to sit and eat but decide we need to find the rest of our party including the kids who have now dispersed over quite a distance.

You never know quite what to expect here - but it will be friendly, it will be noisy, there will be music, there will be smiles, there will be no personal space and odds on there will be food!!!

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