Friday, January 4, 2013

In and out of the ruins - Hampi pt 2.

Spending a couple of days in amongst the ruins sounds like a headache for a gang of seven year old boys (and their parents!!!!) but not in Hampi. There's no 'do not touch' 'hands off' here but a 24/7 game of Hide and Go Seek of epic proportions.

We did see a lot of ruins but as you were free to meander around at your own pace and we didn't have guides as such - they just dropped us at each site, there wasn't any pressure to take in all the history or even see the most historically important parts but we still got a feel of the sheer magnitude of that bygone era, incredulity of how with a lack of mechanization and just sheer man/elephant power such huge blocks of stone could be moved, positioned and carved into pillars and buildings of such beauty. The scale was breathtaking and the background quite beautiful.

 Even after all these years the stones had kept their wonderful different colors and hues, especially as they light shone on them
 The detail on the carvings was amazing - tho these pics don't quite do it justice.

 Round every corner and through every window was another picture to be taken!
And I did take a lot of pics (this one tho' is thanks to Glynns!)
 Through the archways are the elephant stables -housing for 13 elephants each with their own elaborately carved quarters.

Between all the boulders these little stone structures no idea for what purpose but seemingly endless signs of folks form long long ago.

 The stone charriots were something I wanted to see and as incredible close up as they are in picture form.
And living in todays world our addition to the skills and talents to those who built these immense and elaborate structures......graffiti......

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