Thursday, December 2, 2010

And this is our temporary abode - visitors welcome!

Lets see if I can upload some pics - tech guru, aka Ads is close at hand - so we should be able to manage!
Front of our house - also see speed bump in process!

House from side - we are on the corner.

Looking up the street

Very bare looking front room! - all rooms are similar - marble floors, lots of windows

Stair case and upstairs landing - very spacious

View from our bedroom balcony
Hope that gives you a taster of where we are living.


  1. The outside looks quite a bit like California! Having never been to India, I have no idea what to expect, so looking forward to your photographs! Hope Wills is settling in better and you are too...

  2. Looks very nice, you'll feel more settled once your own furniture arrives.

  3. Looking good Helen and likewise hope your furniture arrives before Christmas. What a palaver you had to go through the other day with FRO, try and keep your sense of humour and all these hiccups and bumps in the road shall be distant, C