Friday, December 10, 2010

Everyone's a winner! - Primary Sports Day at Indus

This was our first parental event at Indus and quite an event it was! Wills is in Prep 2, which is upper kinder. He is in a class of 24 kids with 2 teachers and an aid which is way noisier and less under control than his class in the US but academically way ahead!
The  morning started with the Prep 2 kids (2 classes) doing a drill accompanied by the school band - this is Wills running off afterwards.

The rest of the primary classes then did various drills and a parade - you can see the school buildings in the background which are rather impressive -Wills gets to wear a uniform next year.
 The Prep 2 classes had races depicting the 3 (yes 3) seasons, Winter, Summer and Monsoon. This being winter.
 No prizes for guessing which this one is! -you got it Monsoon!!
 Then, of course the medal ceremony -where everyone's a winner! Wills was on the orange team. The two ladies on the left, Miss Anu and Miss Shariou are two of his teachers. Next week we have the Middle/Senior years sports day, where everyone will not be a winner!!

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