Friday, December 17, 2010

Indus School Attention, Indus School Quick March!!

The "march past" at Indus Senior Sports Day was really impressive. I have to confess, I had thought this was all a lot of fuss about nothing, but changed my mind. They had practised all week for over an hour a day. The kids from 6th to 12th grade are split into 4 houses and compete and march in their houses. The discipline of the younger grades and leadership exhibited by the senior kids, house captains and school counsel really made it quite an event. 

The kids all got behind their houses and there was quite a lot of war paint around!

Adam is in Orion house whose motto is "Nulli Secondus", which means second to none.....and wait for it....
Boys under 12, 4 by 100m......Adam ran 4th leg and "Nulli Secondus" and the gold medal it was!! 
The speeches were short and to the point, sports will give you skills in discipline, teamwork and leadership -yeah we've all heard that before but the punch line was this'll give you attitude which in turn will give you altitude in life. I like that - "GOT ATTITUDE AND YOU"LL GET ALTITUDE!"


  1. Love it. He clearly looks very happy!!

  2. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Indus experience. We are exploring a move and have looked into Indus.

  3. Dawn, My 6th grader loves indus, settled in amazingly quickly, Math is too easy but rest of subjects keep him busy. My little guy, kindergarten fund it more of an adjustment! - if you want to email me direct,, I can answer any specific question about Indus and also about some of the other school here.