Sunday, December 26, 2010

I don't think the kids need any Christmas presents!!

Yes - our stuff arrived late afternoon on December 22nd. Unloaded that night and then unpacked the 23rd. The unpackers (not my kids, who, having retrieved a bike and a soccer ball, disappeared) did a great job. Our now "internationally very well travelled furniture" survived being put back together on its 3rd continent. The unpacking gang were here all day - punctuated by tea breaks (they all sit down at this point), lunch and a few light-saber fights with Wills. Even when the screws couldn't be located to reassemble all our stuff, with true Indian philosophy - "they'll turn up somewhere - no point getting worried madam" - they carried on smiling and yes, of course the rogue box labelled "parts" was unearthed.
The house became one big trash bin or playground - which ever way you want to look at it! - but we are now relatively sorted out (yes - they are and will be for a while boxes around until I manage to hide them away (not going to unpack them all!))
It does now feel a bit more homely - our home away from home!!

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