Sunday, December 26, 2010

How do you fit a turkey into a toaster oven?

You don't!!
So, we went to the Leela Palace (nearest hotel to us - so easiest for Simon to drive!) - for the ultimate gastronomic experience and also some family time.
Certainly a very different Christmas this year. Hard being away from family/friends and traditions. In fact we were so off balance, Rudolph and his buddies did not get any snacks left out for them. Santa still did his stuff but Wills is worried that he'll be passed over next year!!
After a heavily veggie biased diet for the last few weeks Wills was desperate for a meat fix - eating beef with his bare hands! Adam who tried everything he could see, finally arrived at the molten chocolate fountain in a "food daze".
For all of you in colder climes this winter, the nearest we got a white Christmas was Simon's choice of deserts!
After 3 1/2 hours of indulgence we staggered homeward for some badminton. Santa bought the boys rackets! This was a different Christmas in some unexpected ways - Adam, who has the downstairs bedroom was woken at 6.40 am by Pranav (who was apparently 2 hours 40 mins late from the pre-planned prescribed time!) knocking on his window. Pranav then came in for a while and then returned back home across the street. Adam was very impressed he got a play date on Christmas morning! I was just surprised I didn't hear any of this......
Having spent so long at lunch, playing badminton, board games etc.etc. there was no TV, and no computer switched on at all, all day which is unusual for us. Though maybe, Simon snook a peak at his blackberry when I wasn't looking! However, over the Christmas period, we have been very thankful for the wonders of modern technology to keep in touch with all our family and friends - be it telephone, skype, email, facebook,'s made the miles seem less - Thanks guys!
Sadly, Simon is back at work tomorrow - so it was a very short Christmas. In the 20 years that I have known him - this is the first year he will have worked between Christmas and New Years - hopefully not a new tradition!!

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  1. First chance to catch up on your news since getting back to LG Wednesday night. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. We have just had a late breakfast after a great dinner party for 23!!!! round at the Sharon and Rick's last night to see in 2011. Not sure if the headache is the result of hoolying to much last night or the cough/cold I managed to import from the UK last week which I needed to share so poor Stuart is also suffering. Loved the photos of the unpacking and it looks like you had a wonderful Xmas treat. Let's speak on skype, Cx