Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking a walk on the wildside, or stepping out of Adarsh Vista!

Not really - it feels very safe outside of the neighborhood but it is like entering another world as you pass through security. Take a walk with us!
Approaching security gate - manned by several uniformed guys. There's a big team, some of which are scattered throughout the neighborhood sitting and watching the world go by. So, about to leave the 'hood.
This is the first view of the real world. The shop on the RHS, where the bikes are is where I get my drinking water (delivered) and buy bread (which the boys love) 

This little shop is why after aerobics, badminton and tennis at the clubhouse and a healthy diet, high in veggies - I am not going to return as a slimmer version of myself - this is the fresh chip (crisp) man. He fries chips (crisps) on the spot - unhealthy but sooooooo yummy!

Life on the street - the grocery shop in the distance, I walk to for amongst other stuff the kids fix of real cadburys!
The fruit and veg stall, I can either carry produce back or just get it delivered - no extra charge.

Home again - back to the relative calm of the 'hood!

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  1. Great photos Helen, I can definitely feel the local atmosphere and look forward to tasting those crisps next year. Lovely to speak on the phone too, just like you were still living down the road!