Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Big Fantastic India Wedding!

On Saturday we attended our first Indian Wedding, thanks to our dear friends Anu & Dhiraj.
Both the bride and groom, (Anu's brother) live in the US but had come back to India for a traditional Indian Hindu wedding.
We should have learned by now but turning up at the prescribed time for an Indian event is only a good idea if you want some time to yourselves to take some pictures, making the most of the boys being even remotely smart!
 But not as smart as their Indian counterparts (Wills and his bud from San Jose, Karan)
The bride and groom entered from different doors in the hall, both hidden behind veils carried by their respective families, not visible to each other. When the parties meet together there is some fun as to whether the right bride and groom are going to be wed.  The grooms shoes are also stolen at this point by the brides family and are only returned when a ransome has been negotiated and paid.

The ceremony then takes place on a beautiful platform, decorated with garlands of fresh flowers. The bride, groom, parents and priest are seated and the prayers and blessings are performed. Meanwhile everyone else mills around, chatting, visiting, drinking, snacking until the couple are wed. High on tradition, low on formalities - good combination!
Then, this is India after all, let the eating and dancing commence! We, lacking fortitude, (and the boys having school the next day) couldn't stand the pace and bailed early. An awesome day - thanks to our hosts!

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