Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Size isn't everything..........

This is the size of the best cuppa chai. Totally unhealthy - tea, sugar and lots of milk and some yummy spices but it is sooooo small it can't do too much harm, or at least that's what I'm thinking/hoping. A fraction of the size of my tall, skinny starbucks but so much more flavor.
After the excessive size of so much in the US a lot of things here are striking me as being on the petite side.....
This is the size of the largest cartons of milk and juice I've found to date. The milk doesn't last a day - but our one indulgence and escape to the larger side of life is my US sized fridge - which is full of small cartons and packages of food - maybe small but taste good.
My trash bin - so tiny - but it is emptied every day (no charge - service provided by the neighborhood) which is probably a good thing when it gets hot!!
Then there's my washing machine.....
Hard to see how small it is but it needs to run at least once a day, maybe takes 10 items of clothing.....no dryer...we are very environmentally sound on this one, obviously helped by the weather!! Living out our suitcase worth of clothes each is pretty easy as no sooner is anything in the laundry basket than it is back in the closet - or with the ironing guy!
Talking of environmentally sound take a look a the size of some of the cars...
When I get round to blogging about the crazy, hairy, nightmare of driving in Bangalore you'll see these cars are the perfect size to actually dodge around pedestrians, auto ricks, cows and all the other traffic on the roads.              
So for now we are embracing the philosophy that small is beautiful, good things come in little packages and of course size is not everything!!!!!!


  1. Know what you mean bout the size of washing machines just like ours in the flat here, in fact it is running right now with only two days worth of clothes, god help us when the boys arrive! Looking forward to tasting a cuppa of chai however bad it is for one. Just added you in my skype contacts so hopefully we will get to chat in the next couple of days......C

  2. What does your driver do when your not being driven around, does he hang out at your house or do you call him for a ride when you need him, and who's car is he driving?

  3. Serena - driver drives our car (arrives on his motorbike) - when he's not driving he hangs out with the other drivers here - I think the have quite a good time!! - they are the source of what goes on in the neighborhood!!